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No. Learn Bitcoin is technical advice. We teach how to use and understand the technology.

We don't answer questions such as "should I buy or sell bitcoin", "is now a good time to buy", "will the price go up or down".

Once you understand Bitcoin well enough you should have the knowledge able to answer these questions for yourself.

While not against other Cryptocurrencies, we're primarily focused on Bitcoin for a number of reasons;

  • It's an open source, borderless, permissionless, trustless Cryptocurrency.
  • It's the gold standard for Cryptocurrencies.
  • It has the most adoption and users.
  • It has been around for the longest.
  • What you learn about Bitcoin can also apply to other Cryptocurrencies as well
  • There are some other coins that are interesting and fall under some of these categories and we aren't against discussing them.
  • We are not paid by anyone to talk to you specifically about Bitcoin and we will not accept any rewards to discuss or promote other Cryptocurrencies.

The course is designed for beginners, so really all you need is a keen interest to learn about Bitcoin.

Bringing a smart phone that you are able to install apps on is ideal. If you dont have one let us know in advance and we can lend you one for the sessions.

If we aren't running a course in your area and you know a few people who might be keen please fill in the "request a course in my area" form so we can look into arranging one!